Re: Signal Generator or whatever

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Sent: 	Monday, December 08, 1997 10:06 AM
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Get an old vacuum tube sig.gen. at a ham fest. The tube
units are more robust for TC work (i.e. your coil is less
likely to fry it). I've killed solid state test gear without the
gear being hooked to the coil... just idling a few feet
from an operating coil is enough in some instances.
Others on this list have had similar experience...

Used tube units should cost $25 - $50.

Jeff W. Parisse, Art Director
Digital Design Laboratories

>    I would appreciate anyones opinions/ideas on the most accurate method
>identify the natural frequency of a coil. I intend to purchase a function
>generator of some sort and use it determine the point of highest Q.  Is
>the best way? If so, what is the cheapest/best function generator?