Re: Need tube coil plans!

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Because of the scarcity of the parts you will need, it is 
better to start with some really good Tesla-centric tube
theory rather than a set schematic.

Contact Brent Turner and order his book (bturner-at-apc-dot-net).
He's covered tube design theory to the point where anyone
such as yourself can design and build a tube coil based on
parts that you are able to find.

Also choose tubes that are easy to find. Many schematics
call for tubes that are not available "new" anymore.

Jeff W. Parisse, Art Director
Digital Design Laboratories

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Subject: Need tube coil plans!

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>Hi I was wondering if someone has in their possession, any really
>good plansor schematics for a tube coil. I would prefer a fairly 
>detailed set. I have built two disruptive teslas and had success on
>them both. So now I want to try my luck at a tube coil. If anyone has
>anything, please send it. The help would be greatly apprieciated.