need fast tesla help PLEASE

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Subject: 	need fast tesla help PLEASE


I've just built a tesla coil powered by a 10kV transformer for a science

project and just for interest.  Right now  it is only producing sparks
of  about 3 inches.  I'm not sure if the
primary and seconday coils are quite right.  My secondary coil is wound
around 2.5 inch pvc pipe with magnet wire and is 24 inches high. The
output terminal is a small, simple brass cap.   Is that ok?  My primary
coil is made out of #12 copper wire and I'm not sure at what radius and
height to wind it.  Right now it is wrapped pretty much right next to
the secondary coil and goes most of the way up it. I don't think thats

Could you PLEASE help me. I just can't figure out whats wrong.

Thanks a bunch,
            Will Cross