Re: Archive search ready for testing

From: 	Greg Leyh[SMTP:lod-at-pacbell-dot-net]
Sent: 	Sunday, December 07, 1997 5:36 AM
To: 	Tesla List
Subject: 	Re: Archive search ready for testing

Tesla List wrote:

> > What is the best way to view the jpeg files that are presently posted?
> > Tried photoshop which supports a lot of formats, but no luck.  Also tried
> > paint with no luck.
> > Suggestions??
> RENAME the pics so that they have .jpg extension. After this
> they work fine - the stupid programs rely on the extension
> to identify files of different formats.

Whoops!  I live in MacLand, so I usually don't deal with the .xxx
The files all downloaded back to me OK, so I didn't know there was a

> At least pictures 16-20 worked fine this way - I haven't
> received the others (1-15 ??) yet.

They're already on Chip's web page.