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>Subject: ēRe: Cylindrical Static Gap- Help Needed.

Tesla List wrote:

> I would like to increase the number of electrodes past 7, while keeping
> the distance the same.  This would require me to space the pipe segments
> less than about 0.020" apart- how do I do this?

Go to any hobby or art supply store and find their brass-shapes- display,
(Tee's, I's, tubes, sheets and so on). You can purchase either 4x5" or
4x8" packages of brass sheets, usually for $1.50 or so per pkg. They
come in a variety of thickness starting at .0005 on up to 1/16". I compose
sandwiches of several thicknesses to any value I want. This method is
especially useful when I need several feeler guages of the same thick-
ness simultaneously. And the cost is fairly inexpensive.

Regards, Daniel Hess