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  Adam, you misunderstood my meaning. For
instance a car standing still with the engine
running is operating at ZERO efficiency.
Unless of course you're comparing idling

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>>   Actually, IMHO there *really* is no such thing as 
>>efficiency in a machine that draws power yet does
>>no actual work or provides no tangible benefits.
>> It really is work/fun input, fun output. 
>Not true.  Tesla coils draw a certain amount of power in, and 
>discharge a 
>certain amount of power out.  However, the power output is not easily 
>measured, so true electrical efficiency is not usually known.
>The real figure of merit for a Tesla coil is spark length vs. wallplug 
>input power.  In order to be a true gauge of performance, we would 
>to standardize the atmospheric conditions, but since this is not often 
>controllable, we ignore it or comment vaguely about the humidity, 
>Also, spark length is measured point to point, alone a straight line, 
>along the actual path of the arc, which is quasi-fractal in nature, 
>like a coastline.
>It should also be noted that spark length vs. wallplug power is also 
>frequency dependant, and higher frequency coils seem to have better 
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