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Subject: 	Sealing cap containers, epoxy source, was Re: FIRST capacitor

On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, Tesla List wrote:

> USP mineral oil will work, as will a transformer grade mineral oil.  Make 
> sure you design a good container to contain it though! I am on container 
> #3 for my sad leaky cap. 

One technique that you could use is to make a slightly oversized container
with only one end open.  Then mix up a bunch of epoxy and coat the inside
entirely.  I use this technique for rolled caps and it works well.  I put
a pipe cap on the end of the pipe end and then fill up the bottom with
epoxy until the inside edges of the pipe are completely submerged.  This
is about 1/2" of epoxy.  

I believe that you can still get a gallon of epoxy for about $13 from
Firefox.  See their web page at http://www.pcaxxess-dot-net/~firefox/.  This
epoxy is a thixotropic epoxy, but is still quite liquid after you mix it
up.  (The stuff in the can is a gel, but once you mix it, it pours.)  


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