Re: Rotary Spark Gap.

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>I have concerns as well for the melting temp of Plexiglas.    I'm going
>to put together a G10 disk as soon as I can get my hands on some. 
The comments on fibre discs earlier in this thread reminded me that I
had some 3mm thick PCB laminate, which ought to be pretty good. A few
layers of this (with the copper etched off, or partially etched to act
as a heat spreader), or normal 1.6mm laminate screwed/glued together
should make a nice strong disk with good insulation and temp

>*Does anyone know of a good supplier of 1/2" G10 preferably already cut
>into a disk shape?*
Why not cut roughly to size (even square), mount on the rsg motor and
use the motor itself as a lathe to cut the circle shape - no centering

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