Re: Old Capacitors

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Thanks everyone for the replies:

>The clue to these units is the specification of  +8% ripple
>50Hz. This implies that while the DC rating is 10kV, the applied AC
>may not exceed 800V (long term) without over heating the cap.
>Likewise, this 8% rating implies that these caps have a very high
>effective series resistance which limits their ripple current to
>800*2*pi*50*0.1e-6 = 25mA!

I see the logic to this - and its bad news! But better news than
exploding caps - (maybe I could use them for forming sheet
metal into molds). I may put all six in series and give them a
short run - once I've built a stout wooden box for them - see
how they fair.

Looks like we're back to plan B - where's the plastic sheet
and tin foil!

Have fun,

Alan Sharp (UK)