Re: Weird ideas

From: 	Edward V. Phillips[SMTP:ed-at-alumni.caltech.edu]
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Subject: 	RE: Weird ideas

"  Ed -

  What are the wallplug efficiencies including filament losses and connected
as Tesla coils. How would these systems compare with Tesla coils with the
same wallplug input ?

  John Couture"

	Not quite sure I understand your question.  If you mean the
efficiency of one of those transmitters (operating at the correct
frequency, of course) driving the primary of a TC, I would think
the efficiency would be as high or higher, since there is no
requirement for amplitude modulation and its attendant input power.
I suspect the conversion efficiency of a spark-excited TC is quite
a bit less, based on the heating of the primary gap.  I don't
believe efficiency in "transformation" of primary input to secondary
output (into the streamers) means much, because of the heavy 
loading of the secondary by the streamers.  That means, by the
way, that I think the emphasis on secondary Q is probably misplaced.....