Re: It works! Solid state driver

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> Driving resistive load is easy. Wait till you get to all the problems
> like transients saturatin the transformer (better have a working
> current limiting!) and load being *not* resistive. Especially driving
> the secundary below the resonant point will cause problems as the load
> is capasitive then. Lots of dissipation in the fets. However, driving
> above the resonant point seems better.
> Sure, I do not intend to say drive it out of resonance. However, driving
> a 200kHz coil at 200.1kHz is above resonanse and 199.9kHz is below. The
> difference in the amount of power dissipated in FETs can be dramative
> while the difference in over-all performance can be small. Scope the
> switching waveforms and you'll learn to say the resonant point by the
> way the square wave edges look at!

   I did'nt know that the tuning had to be that sharp! Well as they say
I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Right now I'm relieved to have
gotten this far!

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