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> Hi Max,
>   CONGRATS on the encouraging work with your SS driver.  Are you using a
> half-bridge?

Nope. It is a push-pull supply.

  Sounds like it (2 FETS per leg, 4 total, must be 2 legs, hence
> half bridge, yes?). 

  I'm sorry if I confused you. It is push-pull transformer with 2
transistors on each END of the center tapped primary. This to aid in
power disapation. I have since removed one transistor from each end,
because after last nights tests two transistors seem more than capable
of handling the power. 

   1 KV AC is what you will be driving your primary
> with, right? 


> I would think you would be running the half-bridge at whatever frequency your primary >system will be resonant at, is that right?

The only primary is the one wrapped around the core of the output

>No rectifier, just AC square wave drive.   


>No spark gap, just ringing the primary LC with an AC power source at the resonant >frequency.  Am I correctly describing what you are doing?

 One end of the secondary will be connected directly to the bottom of
the secondary.The other to earth ground. 

> I am interested in this approach if it can be an alternative to spark gaps.
> Good luck, and give more details if you can.  I am pretty familiar with
> switching power supply topologies and design.

  I'm glad someone is! This will be my second attempt!
  I got all of my Ideas from Duane A. Bylund's book    Modern Tesla Coil
Design. But I made a few changes of my own.

                            Frankensteins Helper