Re: Hurray, I destroyed my homemade cap! But beware wax!

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On Sunday, November 30, 1997 12:58 PM Paul Anderson
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> Why not use roofing tar or that tar you can get for driveway repair to
> fill the cap?  Seems to me it should work as good as oil and not have the
> trouble of leaking.  TTYL!

Eee-Gads Paul! And were all working soo diligently trying to get this tar 
OUT of our neon sign transformers and O.B.I.T.'s !  What you may not be 
aware of Paul is this tar does not have the best dielectric qualities and 
worse yet it typicaly will form a carbon track (short circuit at high 
voltage) after a single spark traverses it! This is why most of us use 
almost any excuse to get it out of our neon sign transformer cases and 
replace it with oil which not only has better dielectric qualities but
also cools the transformer better, and is mostly self healing to the 
occasional spark passing through it. Most of us don't seem to have too
much problem containing it and when properly contained oil is really hard 
to beat!


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