Re: Rotary Spark Gap.

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Could you elaborate on syncronous vs non-syncronous?

"Adjusted to the right phase?" (240 vs 120??)

"frequency at either 1800 ot 3600 rpm."  What about using a variable speed

What is a "good" size hp?

240 vs 120??

I'm starting with a 15kV, 30ma neon.  But hope someday to build bigger.  The
RSG seems to be a big investment  (the biggest for me so far..) .  Can it be
used on a wide range of coil sizes?  Would a airblast gap suffice for the



>It should be noted here, that non-syncronous RSGs are not recommended for
>neon/obit powered coils.  Since you have a non-syncronous motor, you
>should really save this until you get into higher power projects.  Neon
>sign transformer powered coils have been shown to work well and safely
>with syncronous gaps, which use motors that are synced to the AC line
>frequency at either 1800 ot 3600 rpm.  The syncronous motor, once
>adjusted to the right phase, makes sure that there is always a chance for
>a spark when the voltage on the cap is at maximum, saving your cap and