Re: Source for Surplus Wire?

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Subject: 	Re: Source for Surplus Wire?

I'm new to this but that sounds kinda "pricey".  I just bought 2 lbs of new
#22 from my local engine shop, even after it took him 30 minutes to wind it
on to my spool, he only charged me $4 a lb.

Another shop had quoted $10/lb.  I'd keep looking.  I don't have a clue
where you might find it used, the engine guy claims he rarely uses over 30
turns at a time.  You'll be cutting and pasting if you actually need a piece
that long.


> I am looking for a source for surplus #20 copper magnet wire. The cheapest
>I have found it new is
> about $7 per pound.  I need 8-10 pounds.