Re: Cylindrical Static Gap- Help Needed.

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Subject: 	Cylindrical Static Gap- Help Needed.

I have built a R.Q. style cylindrical gap from 4" PVC pipe and seven 1" 
dia x 2.5" dia copper pipe segments gapped at 0.030".  This gap works 
okay, but I suspect that there is room for improvement in my 

I would like to increase the number of electrodes past 7, while keeping 
the distance the same.  This would require me to space the pipe segments 
less than about 0.020" apart- how do I do this?  My current gaps were set 
using 30mil LDPE as spacers. Do I just need thiner spacers, like copper 
flashing pieces maybe?  I have noticed that at 0.030", the electrodes 
tend to have a single arc between them, whereas at 0.024" and less, the 
arc spreads out over the length of the pipe segments and greating 
improves the quenching.

Also, I am using a 4" diameter 108 CFM fan.  Would switching to a 230 CFM 
fan (or greater) show much improvement at my 9kV 1-2kVA operating range?  
Some people are using heavy duty vacuum cleaner blowers, aren't they? I 
have also blocked the center area of the gap with a tube, to force all of 
the current 108CFM across the electrodes.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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