Re: Tesla list survey and legal issues- scrap it then?

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Subject: 	Re: Tesla list survey and legal issues- scrap it then?

At 12:56 AM 12/2/97 -0600, you wrote:

>Must I require a written and signed waiver 
>to be mailed to me for access?  I can't really think of anything more 
>that I can do to protect myself, short of scrapping the survey project 
>Tossing the survey results would be a real shame, especially after many 
>people (myself included) have put a lot of time into generating them- but 
>this is exactly what I will do if there really is no way I can be assured 
>0.00% risk.  I have no intention of willingly taping a "sue me" sign to 
>my back, no matter how subtle, and cannot afford to.  ...But this is what 
>you make it sound like I am doing.  Working with high voltages all the 
>time, I am by habit a VERY careful person.

After reading my posts, I'm sorry I've been so harsh and obnoxiouse to Dr.
Resonance. He has helped people, and my abusive comments were unecessary. I
just let anger get to me. It would be a damn shame for you to scrap work
that will benifit in many ways and even potentialy SAVE lives that could be
lost in foolish exeriments, which wouldn't be performed if one can see what
works and what doesn't. Not to mention many people wasting time,
re-inventing the coil.

There is an expression, "Knowone kicks a dead dog". I'm probably paranoid,
but I beleive their is a little money to be made (as evidenced on peoples
ad-web-pages) and your survey could be bad for their business. It would be
like an index to tesla coil manufacturer's, and and encouragement to share
trade secrets among amatures.

But, (and correct me if I'm wrong) this lists purpose is to share
information to advance the art. My web page is blank. And I'm sick,
unemployed and quite near being a 'dead dog', so if you wish to put your
'dangerous' info on my blank web page, feel free! I'll be your lightning
rod. Can't say how long I'll keep this account, I change ISP's when their
service deteriorates.

And if I can make some money selling the list to catalog co's, mueseums,
et... :) !