Re: Circuit Simulators, PsSpice & APLAC

From: 	Scott Stephens[SMTP:stephens-at-enteract-dot-com]
Sent: 	Tuesday, December 02, 1997 4:35 PM
To: 	Tesla List
Subject: 	Circuit Simulators, PsSpice & APLAC

Any of you use Microsim's PS SPice or APLAC to simulate TC's? Transformer?
Switching supplies?

I've got the leech-ware (free) versions of both (available on the net). You
can design and evaluate most components. I'm especialy impressed with APLAC
and it's ability to allow parasitics in modeling inductors (so it can give
you self-resonant frequency,) and also the TORRIOD statement, that includes
saturation, air gap, and all relevant parameters related to transformer
design. Aplac can even do EM simulation! Which would realy be nice to
evaluate a TC oil submerged or potted, with a ferrite core!

Microsim has EZ windowz interface, but doen't have the versitility APLAC
seems to. I'm just starting to learn the language. My purpose is to avoid my
usual expensive impirical development path, paved with dead semi's.

So, got any scripts? Advice?