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>  All
>   According to T.V. Guide it will air on discovery channel at 8:00 P.M.
> C.S.T Dec. 1st Monday.  Netlink Satellite Guide states Discovery east on
> F4 21 (satellite channel) on all time zones thru out the U.S.A. ( It was
> on again today also, 11/30/97 3:00 P.M. oops....)   Richard Hulls latest
> magnifier was demonstrated as well as a static       electricity
> experiment.

NOW YOU PEOPLE SAY CENTRAL STANDARD TIME! Grrrrr! Origionally the statement
was made that the show will air at 8:00 P.M. in the East so I naturaly 
assumed that ment E.S.T. but the show didn't actually start untill 9:00 
P.M. EST! I had to sit through watching some dumb bears and moose untill it 
actualy came on. Next time people STATE THE PROPER TIME ZONE! The show was 
quite good when it did come on!


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