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""  BTW, why bother with tubes? Frankly, I found that they are so incredibly
inefficient, think about this for a moment: First, you have to put enough
energy to "boil" enough electrons. Then, you are applying electric field
(energy) to constantly accelerate the electrons, not only did the electrons
did not slow down as they approach the anode, they travel at full speed. At
last, you stop the electrons and most of its energy become heat. Heat is
generated in both the "boiling" and "stopping" process, it sounds to me like
a electron welder."

        Some of the big tube-type broadcast band transmitters ran
at an OVERALL efficiency (power delivered to antenna divided by
power from the AC mains) exceeding 90%.  It's no trick at all to
design and build a Class C tube amplifier with 75% efficiency, and
the filament/heater needn't use more than a few percent of the plate
input power.