Re: Toroid Plateing?

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>Just finishing making a small toroid(6"x2") from florist foam covered with
>spackling compound.
>Is there a way I can plate this thing at home, or maybe paint it with some
>sort of conductive paint?

get it sticky with glue, dust with graphite or finely powdered carbon,
submerge, dip, rotate, et. in a solution of copper sulfate, sulfuric
(battery) acid and distilled water. Add a little gelitin if it 'tree's. Use
a copper pipe/wire anode, and the cathode is the object to be plated. 5 to
12 VDC, can be pulsating. I IIRC, up to 10A/squr inch (cooled), plates
around .001"/20 minutes. Make sure object is clean. 

Do a web surch on electro-forming, electro-typing, electro-plating, et.
Metalworking FAQ has info on it, too.