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On Sunday, November 30, 1997 4:33 AM Barry Benson
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> Hi Ted, All,
>      Mercury was used by Tesla for spark gaps with no apparent ill effects. 

Not quite! Dr. tesla NEVER used mercury in ANY spark gaps! What he did was 
build a mercury turbine contactor to make and break current entering the 
primary of his early H.V. coils and the voltage at the mercury contactors 
never exceeded 1Kv.

> In the past mercury was prescribed as an intestinal blockage remover 
> wherein up to several pounds of it at a time were drunk by the patient. 

And many either died or suffered serious bain damage from the practice!

> Very few people sensitive to the liquid form of mercury.

Your batting a big Zero Barry! The fact is it has been found that MOST 
people have mercury sensitivities, I for example got a 50 percent reduction 
in the frequency of my migraines when all my mercury fillings were replaced 
with composite plastic! Have you ever head the old expression "Mad as a 
Hatter"? Well the expresion comes from the fact that in the last century 
most hats were made of felt and the process used lots of mercury and it 
was quite common for all the peole involved in the manufacturing process to 
suffer serious brain damage from the mercury. DON'T TAKE MERCURY LITELY IT 
IS VERY DANGEROUS TO PLAY WITH! Mercury should only be used with all 
possible safty measure in force; use it over trays to catch all spills 
never heat it indoors unless it is contained in an explosion and vapor 
proof container, always wear rubber or plastic gloves when handeling it.
Keep either copper or zinc dust handy in case of a spill so you can rub the 
meatal dust into the mercury and forma a stable amalgum that can be 
vacuumed up. BTW there is an ever growing group of dentists that are doing 
everything possible to remove all mercury based fillings alreadt in 
patients and get future use of mercury based fillings banned!

> The vapor from heated mercury on the other hand is very reactive chemically.
> That is a good reason why it is not used in open air spark gaps any more.

Barry to have any references on the use of mercury in "spark gaps", I have 
never heard of this before!

> I have worked with it for many years without any ill effects.

Barry untill I was in my early 30's I regularly made high explosives; 
nitroglycerine, TNT, Picric acid, ect. and never suffered any harm BUT in 
looking back over those years the fact is I was just very lucky I didn't 
blow my block off the map! Just because one gets away with doing something 
over a long period of time dosen't make it OK it just means the odds 
haven't caught up with you yet. The only safe way to use mercury is in an 
AIR TIGHT HOOD or GLOVE BOX! Don't get me wrong Barry, I worked most of my 
life in medical and organic chem labs and the nightmares one sees are just 
that literal nightmares, don't play with hazardous materials unless you 
have too and then take every possible precaution to protect yourself and 
those around you!


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