Need help

From: 	Juan Castro[SMTP:jcastro-at-uninet-dot-net.mx]
Sent: 	Saturday, August 30, 1997 10:47 PM
To: 	Tesla List
Subject: 	Need help

I am totally newbie to the art and science of making a tesla coil. I wish
to create one for a science project in my school.
I would appreciate any suggestion regarding materials, information, or
comments about security and aspects of building, testing, etc.

I also found an article in the 1993 Electronics Experimenters Handbook
(from Radio Electronics) about constructing a Tesla coil driven by "solid
state components".
I think I can get most parts but the primary transformer(s) core(s) and
bobbin(s) that the magazine mentions (TDK #PC30EER25.5-Z, TDK
#BEER-25.5-118CP; TDK #PC30EC70-Z, TDK #BEC-70-5116) do not exist around
here (mexico), are they hard to get they hard to get in the states? ( I
have some friends that migth retrieve some for me) or you advise using some
other kind of driver or circuit?...