Re: First coil finished!

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Sent: 	Saturday, August 30, 1997 2:43 PM
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Subject: 	First coil finished!    

 Well I've finally got my first coil finished!  It's very small, but I
guess everyone has to start somewhere.  I have a 3 1/2" diameter
secondary, 10" high powered by a 6500V-at-23mA neon transformer. I can only
draw about an 8" spark to a grounded bar.  I think I may need a smaller
toroid because I get optimum spark length when my primary is tapped at
the very end of the coil.

I'd like to thank everyone on the list for alll the information I
gained.  I wouldn't be able to have got this coil working nor would I be
able to build my next one without all you guys.  I think it's really
great how all experienced coilers are willing to help us beginners.

Live Free or Die!
Brian Whildin (engineer-at-techinter-dot-com)