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>I recently de-potted my NST and made a galvanized container to put it in. I
like the idea of a metal box that can be made ground, others don't. I used
galvanized roof flashing which is easy to cut and bend and I soldered the
seams for an oil tight box. On the top I made a cutout that was fitted with
a Plexiglas cover that was RTVed in place. The tranny was secured in place
and the box was filled with oil. The connections are made through the
Plexiglas with screws that have rubber washers to seal the oil. Maybe I can
get some pictures if anyone is interested.
>I like the petroleum jelly idea. It won't slush around and it will reseal
every time the transformer warms up.
>My 2 volts worth.
>Dave H
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>> "I have repaired one my neons and was wondering about re-potting it in
>> Parrafin wax. Have any of you guys out there used parrafin for
>> insulating purposes?  If not what other material is suitable?"
>>         Paraffin has too many air bubbles in it to be a reallyk
>> really good potting compount.  Good old tar is better, but melts
>> at a higher temperature and is messy.
>> Ed
>After the incredible drama of removing the tar (not to mention the
>complaints from the wife regarding the smell!) I am definately not going
>to put it back in tar! I do like the idea of vaseline though (in an
>earlier post). Have you ever tried vaseline or petroleum jelly?
>Peter E.

I have long used a molten, 50-50 mix of paraffin and vaseline to baste and
seal up flat plate capacitors.

Richard Hull, TCBOR