Pyrandl capacitors

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Subject: 	Pyrandl capacitors


Please help me identify three capacitors that were given to me by the owner
of a local ham radio shop.The caps are fairly large (40 or 50 lbs) HxWxD =
13"x5"x13.5".  the plate on the side of the cap has this info:

General Electric
MU-F    3
Cat.      14F15
V          12500
CY        DC
Pyrandl Capacitor

Does anyone have a spec sheet on this?  I gather from the side plate this is
a 3uF-at-12.5KVDC.  Does anyone agree?  What is a Pyrandl Capacitor?  Is this a
power factor correction type cap with the internal discharge resistor?  What
about PCB's (it looks old)?  

Info or opinions would be greatly appreciated!!!  

Rusty Duncan