Re: O'scope hook-ups (hv-probes)

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>>	I had a thought/question last night. Is the ion cloud around
>>the TC's toroid distributed around the toroid? Or is it in the
>>streamers or arc? If it's not around the toroid, why not place a very
>>small field mill under the primary and look up to the (unobstructed
>>view) of the bottom of the toroid? The shield would of course have to
>>be an open spiral to not act as a shorted turn.
>>	Do you have any thoughts on the ion cloud distribution from a

>No, I have little factual data on  where the ions are concentrated.  I would
>imagine along the arc streamlines or at any corona point.  The problem with
>the field mill (E.S. probe) located under the toroid is the inability to
>shield the input to so sensitive an instrument from the violent EM fields
>near the primary.
Slap: flat forehead syndrome;) I can't believe that I forgot about the
primary EM field when I proposed this question;( 

(Visions of a Faraday cup running all the way up to the topload. Sort
of defeats the whole point of a TC;)




(Isn't the internet great. Now instead of putting my foot in my mouth
with only a few close people to see me do it; one can perform this act
with an audience of hundreds! If this were a public list, then some
misguided fool would also archive it to CD rom for posterity)

Chip or Storey,
	How many people are on your list now?