Re: Static Air-blast gap.

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Hi ,

    The fixed electrode works like a charm !
I made the electrode of aluminum (3/4" round stock)
the drilled hole ---abt 1/8 " dia.
I use compressed air -at- 100#  psig

There is no problem with corona ----
  The gaps performance is impressive 
I uploaded a photo of mine some time back ,
but i dunno what happened to it ----

good luck


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 Subject: 	Re: Static Air-blast gap.
 Phil Chalk wrote:
 > Now here's the new bit.  The fixed electrode would be drilled 
 > right through down its central axis - about a 1/4" dia. hole.  
 > Compressed air would be blown through this hole; it would hit 
 > the face of the movable electrode, then be forced to exit from 
 > the edges of the gap - hopefully fairly evenly.
 I had a similar idea, and asked about it on the usa-tesla list
 while this list was down.  The concern is, would the sharp edges
 of the hole in the electrode face alter the proberties of the
 gap?  Perhaps there would be corona leakage from the sharp edges,
 and the gap would fire easier than without the hole.
 This was also what other people seemed to think.
 Maybe one could round the sharp edges off?
 Otherwise it seems like a good idea to me (what that might
 be worth).
 Just my 2p,
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