Re: Laser triggered discharges

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There is also an excellent article in the current edition of Scientific
American on using high power lasers to trigger lightning discharges from
thunderclouds.  The researchers are from Calif. and New Mexico.  We offered
to let them use one of our high powered systems to experiment with their
laser discharges but no reply as to date.


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> Subject: 	Laser triggered discharges
> For those of you that were discussing lasers opening a path for longer
> discharges a few months ago.....
> A article in this months "PHOTONICS" (Aug) 
> "Researchers at Osaka University and Kansai Electric Power Co. announced
> last month that a laser beam "attracted" lightning to a metal tower atop
> a mountian at Wakasa Bay."
> It goes on to describe the setup as a CO2 laser and two large aperture
> Cassegrain telescopes aimed at a thundercloud just before it was about
> to discharge (1-kJ, 50-ns laser pulses).
> The article states that they are trying to find a way to divert
> lightning hits away from power lines.
> Here's a new way to get that extra inch of spark we all seem to need.
> steve (seattle)