Primary Z char.

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Subject: 	Primary Z char.

I have been following the discussion on Z pri and have the following data
to share that might shed some light on the discussion.  We were operating a
med. size coil with 18 in dia sec and 34 x 8 1/2 toroid running a 3 3/4
turn pri with cap value of .05 MFD.  We measured the resonant firing
potential with a resistive divider at the gap setting we were using.  With
a 12 electrode rotary running 3450 RPM with 2 fixed stationary gaps (one
side of wheel only).  The firing potential was 16,000 volts and the peak
current measuring in the pri inductor was 2,350 amperes (very close in
agreement with Richard Hull's estimates).  

16000/2350 yields an average pri current of 6.8 Ohms.

Question for Ed Phillips -- is the surge impedance you are discussing the
same as the char. impedance???
If different, which one would my measured data fall under???

We also seem to have better performance running our gaps at 1725 RPM
instead of 3450 RPM on larger coils.