Re: Trannie config

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Sent: 	Thursday, August 28, 1997 3:25 AM
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If those were my neons I would do it like this.

15K 30ma x 2 = 15K 60 ma = 900 watts

9K 30 ma x 5 = 9K 150 ma = 1350 watts

Gary Weaver

>I just got my hands on a  number of neon trannies for cheap.
>I now have 2 15kV-at-30mA and 5 9kV-at-30ma.  WOuld it be more
>advisable to stick with two in parrallel to make 15kV -at- 60ma,
>or use a series/parallel config of the 9's to make 18kV -at- 60ma??
>Does anyone have reccomended cap sizes for these configs - I know
>the formulas - but it seems that not many people actually
>stick to them...  Also, for these voltage ratings, what is the
>approximate gap spacing and number of gaps I should build into
>my cylinder gap?  I have also heard a wide variety of advice on
>Thanks for your help.
>Pete Demoreuille