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>>         Hot glue works well until you start using transformer oil. (At
>> least Shell Diax-al). Transformer oil dissolves the hot glue in a few
>> days.
>>         I use epoxy glue for the bottom end cap and hot glue, which is
>> above the oil level, for the top end cap.

>I have been using Diala BX in mine and had no problems so far but you
>have me worried now as I have just sealed a NS tranny with the stuff and
>immersed it in oil. I might leave it sitting in a pan, just in case.
	Different formulations of hot glue?? Try a small blob in an
ounce of oil and see what happens. Look a the color of the oil now.
I'm using yellow glue sticks. They turn the oil yellow when they
soften. Maybe, I'm using the wrong glue sticks.