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Subject: 	Number of turns

Yo dudes,

1. Can anyone tell me what is the maximum and minimum windings needed on
your secondary or isn't there a limit? Will it have any effect on your

2. What is the difference in performance when you use a coil with 2000
windings on the    secondary and one with 800 turns on the secondary?

3. I have taken a 6.4 inch diameter pvc pipe about 15 inches high and placed
a wooden piece on top. I stand on this unit and then touches the spark with
my gap very small, so that there isn't sparkover between primary and
secondary. If i make the gap bigger and say a sparkover occurs will it be
deadly to me? 
If my secondary coil is grounded will it be dangerous to touch the grounded
secondary even if you are isolated from ground?

4. The Richard Quick static gap, the spacing between the pieces of iron is
close together about .025 inch from each other. Isn't that to small?
(According to me the cap won't recharge to it's fullest)

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