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Peter Electric wrote:

> I am running a 900W coil (15Kv 60Ma) and I have much the same 
> setup working fine. A couple of hints though, I found a 6" coil
> performed much better than a 3.5" so I would try for a bigger 
> diameter if possible. If you can't get PVC plumbing pipe easily, 
> try rolling a few layers of cardboard and varnishing heavily. Or 
> you might be able to find cardboard concreter's forms for making
> posts.

I think I can find a 6" PVC pipe. But, people seem to say PVC is 
bad? I reckon due to RF loss. Why is PVC bad as a coil former? If 
I cover the PVC with a 2-component polyurethane enamel, is it still
bad? Does the pipe (or it's water content?) act as a core to the 
coil, or is it just the electrical properties that matters?

Currently I have this 3" secondary wound on a HDPE pipe. Would the
6" PVC coil be better? (I guess so...)

> The safety gap is not critical, just use two brass 1/4" bolts. 
> My main gap consists of two adjustable brass cylinders with 
> flat ends mounted in a plumbing pipe, with a good airblast 
> from a fan.

Everybody seems to use brass, or the big shots use tungsten.
Is the material important, and then what are the criteria?
Good conduction, high resistance to wear due to the sparks?

My current gap electrodes is steel. That is _bad_ I guess?

> Hope this helps some.

It sure does.

> Cheers,
> Peter E.



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