Re: DC power supply again

From: 	Per Niva[SMTP:pna-at-pp.gellivare.se]
Sent: 	Tuesday, August 26, 1997 8:00 PM
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Subject: 	Re: DC power supply again

Richard Hull wrote:
GL> [ Greg describing his new monster secondary ...]
RH> Good goin' Greg!!!  Those spark lengths are just the 
RH> tip of the iceberg on this monster.
RH> One request......Don't build the system then sell 
RH> the coil to someone living in Australia.
RH> Richard Hull, TCBOR

Or to somebody living in the far north of Sweden! :)
I could run it here on the tundra, among the poor 
reindeers and polar bears...

Maybe some photos of the testing would find its way
out on the web? I'd like to have a look, for sure.

Per Niva

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