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>With lots of help I finally got some results from my coil.  With a flat
>primary and no toroid I get 7-8" sparks.  It was reccommended that i 
>a 3x12 toroid, but all I have right now is a tube with a 1" diameter.  
>tried it and tuned the coil and the sparks were smaller, although I
>could draw about 6-7" to a grounded cable.  Would a bigger toriod make
>much of a difference?  I also tried a metal globe of about 9-10"
>diameter and I couldn't get barely anything.

Are you sure it is tuned properly? Sometimes you may not have enough 
turns on your primary to tune to a lower frequency. How are you tuning 
it, and where are you tapping your primary?

  I'm using the salt water
>glass bottle caps, but everytime I go to discharge them before 
>the coil, they don't spark or anything.  I don't get it. 

This is because your caps are being applied AC voltage, wich continously 
charges and then reverses polarity. If you applied a dc voltage it might 
stay charged. It also doesn't take much leakage to discharge a small TC 
capacitor. I have never gotten any sparks off my primary capacitors, 
though I ALWAYS try and discharge them. It only takes one screw up, one 
nanosecond, and your toast.

 Right now I
>only have two metal cabinet handle ends facing eachother as a spark 
>I am thinking of tring out the spark gap made with PVC with segments of
>copper tube along the inside wall, that I found plans for on the net.
>I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions.  Thanks.

Your spark gap might make a significant improvement in you TC if you 
build a good on with a fan or something to quench the spark. I have also 
heard about this PVC spark gap but have no information on it. Were did 
you get your info? I might be intersted in building one.

My $0.02
Mad Coiler