Re: DC power supply again

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>Hi All,
>The new 120kW secondary winding is finished, and weighs in
>with the following specs:
>Diameter - 37"
>Winding Length - 154"
># of Turns - 770
>Lsec - 0.13H, at 60Hz
>Fsec, no toroid - 52.66 kHz
>Fsec, w/ 96" toroid - 41.25 kHz
>As a preliminary 'proof-of-concept' test, I installed the prototype
>winding on the existing 50kW primary base, and ran it at around 38kW.
>Much fun was had by all, and a perfectly good 3-piece suit was
>destroyed... pictures are forthcoming on the Image List.
>I positioned the control console 35 feet away from the coil axis,
>which turned out to be not quite far enough.
>According to witnesses, one of the wild arcs connected with the top
>corner of the control console, 12 inches from my hand!  I remember
>seeing a flash and some metal sparks fly off the back of the console,
>but I was skeptical since I never actually saw the arc itself coming 
>at me.  However, a flaming control relay inside the console and a 
>blurry photo that someone snapped did help to confirm my suspicions!
>The sec winding seemed to work OK, so now the design for the primary 
>and the HVDC resonant charging circuitry can proceed.  Hopefully
>we will be able to do a full 120kW test in late October.

Good goin' Greg!!!  Those spark lengths are just the tip of the iceberg on
this monster.

One request......Don't build the system then sell the coil to someone living
in Australia.

Richard Hull, TCBOR