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>I saw your post and I'd like to know how to calculate/estimate spark-gap 
>impedance, could you explain or give some ( URL ) references please ?
>For now I'm only starting with a 15kV 30mA Neon, but I still love to 
>calculate/predict, and ( maybee ) I'll go on to bigger and better (?) 
>T & R ... Sulaiman

There is virtually no way to estimate or calculate spark gap losses in a TC!
There are to many unknowns. (variable gap type, construction, number of
gaps, spacings, surface areas, etc.)  As a firing gap is nonlinear in its
action so its impedance will follow suit.  It is sort of a dynamic
impedance.  The only way to get at the value is to measure the actual
voltage directly across the gap and the current in the tank circuit over
time.  This would not only give the dynamic impedance, but the power
consumed in the gap. (losses for our purposes)  Again this is all time
ordered and integration would have to take place for the product of both the
current and voltage waveforms over time to arrive at average or RMS losses
or impedances.

Richard Hull, TCBOR