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On Sunday, August 24, 1997 5:59 AM Peter Electric
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> I have repaired one my neons and was wondering about re-potting it in
> Parrafin wax. Have any of you guys out there used parrafin for
> insulating purposes?  If not what other material is suitable?

Hi Peter! I've had some experience in both repotting neon sign 
transformers and in using parrafin as an insulating compound.
The problem with using paraffin to repot a neon sign transformer
is it tends to shrink A LOT on cooling! I have found that by adding 
some mineral oil to the paraffin while it is still in a liquid state
will minimize this. In the long run though I have found it best to 
build a plexiglass case for the neon sign transformer and fill it 
with mineral oil. The mineral oil being a liquid will fill the 
internal voids much better than paraffin and also being a liquid, if 
breakdown should occur it is self healing.


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