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>From what I understand, glass is the only way to go when making bottle
caps.  When I first made them, I wrapped the outside in alluminum, but have
since found out that putting the caps in a SW bath is much more effective.
Currently, with 9 12oz glass bottle caps in parallel, I am getting around
12,000 pico fareds.

>  Kevin, what kinda bottles you using? Glass or plastic? I too used salt 
>water caps for my first coil. Its not working now either (but it did 
>work!). I thought it would be esier to make these than rolled caps, etc, 
>and it was sure alot cheaper. Well, my order for three sheets of 30 mill 
>LDPE is on the way!
>I found that with plastic bottles you need atleast the thickness of two 
>bottles in series. Just single bottles all in parallel would blow after 
>about 20 sec. with a 10kV OBIT.  I'm not to knowledgable about the glass 
>bottles, but I asume that you might not need to series them. By putting 
>them in series you might be reducing the capacitance to low.  For 
>plastic I was using about 10 Mountain Dew Quick Slam bottles, that is 
>two banks of 5 parallel bottles, wired together in series. This 
>arrangement got me about 10-15nF. I also covered everything in 3/4 
>inches of vegiie oil to supress corona.  Do you have a capacitor meter?