Re: Cap bottom !

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Will your cap fit into a short length of PVC pipe?  If so put PVC end caps
on the pipe.  Drill and tap 1/4 x 20 holes in the end caps for stud
connections.  I have several caps made with PVC pipe.  If you would like to
see a picture of my caps there is a .005 uf (on the left) and a .01 uf (on
the right) laying on the work bench next to my TC in the photo of my TC on
my Web page. http://home.earthlink-dot-net/~gweaver

Gary Weaver

>	Im building a couple of caps for my 1000w tesla coil, but Im
>	having problems with the bottom, there are no flat tube caps
>	on the local hardware store, anyone know what else I can glue
>	to it, tried several plastics even a large plastic bowl but none
>	seemed to glue on strong I used pvc glue and even a glue I found
>	at wal-mart that was called POly-Bond but this didnot work either,
>	Would plexiglass work ??
>	any sugestions on what I could use, and what glue to use ??
>	Btw I got a nice surprise today, I got a copy of the Colorado
>	Spring Notes, Im reading it and finding it very intresting !
>	Jorge F.
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