Re: Sync vs. Non-sync, was: additional transformers [rotary gap]

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<< John, me again :)
>   Does the synch-gap exactly replace the regular gap? I currently get 
> the best results with my cap across my neons, then the gap in series 
> with the pri coil goes across the cap. When you said above that the 
> speed of the rotary changes the input power it sounds like it would have 
> to be on the output of the xformer.
> Slightly less confused,
> Mad Coiler >>

Mad Coiler,

Hmmm,    I've never tried putting a rotary in that position...it will work,
but it makes me nervous, I always like my gaps across the transformer.
There's been endless controversy on this list some time ago about the
benefits of each wiring arrangement...but the majority favor the gap 
across transformer set-up since the firing gap shorts the RF across
the transformer.  Changing the speed of a non-sync rotary will change
the input power using either arrangement however.

John Freau