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>interesting info - do you also have a catalog for Plastic Capacitors - I have 
>a small pile of .02mfd 10Kwvdc capacitors - some say "bycap" on them, a couple 
>say "plastic capacitors" - I've never heard of the former, but the latter have 
>a web site and have been discussed on this list - the Plastic Capacitors in 
>question say "LP100-203 - I presume the 203 is the capacitance (with the 3 
>being the exponent), and the "100" is the voltage rating in 100's of volts, 
>but what might the LP indicate??? paper??
>These caps do warm up some when I use them, but so far they haven't quit 
>working - I use 2 in series with a 15KV 30 ma Xformer

	You've got the 0.02uF and 10kV correct. My #94 Plastic
Capacitors Inc. catalog does not list any LP prefixes and I'll be
darned if I can make any sense out of their type designations.

	Plastic Capacitors Inc. is in Chicago Il. (312) 489-2229 (at
least that was their phone number in '94) Give them a call, I'll bet
that they will be more than happy to tell you what type of cap you