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Hello all,

I have a couple questions I hope people could answer for me.

In the primary tank circuit, are there any grounds???  I have seen
schematics where one lead of the transformer is grounded, one side
of the capacitors is grounded, and the tap from the primary is 
grounded.  I have also seen schematics where nothing is grounded, and
it the tap from the primary and one side of the caps goes to the other
lead of the transformer.  WHAT IS CORRECT, or what will work the best?

In regard to RF Chokes, i have heard from 300 turns, to 13 heavy
turns, and all sorts of variations.  What would make a good filter
to resist the RF 'feedback' from ruining my transformers?  And what
about protection caps too?  What size, rating, and purpose are they?

I just bought some new caps, made by Chicago Condenser Corp.  they are
.1 MFD rated at 3000 VDC. any idea what the dialectric is?  When i
opened one up, it is oil filled, and has a really, really long strip
of AL foil all rolled.  The dialectric has 7 layers, and is faintly
yellow and is kinda krinkly.  Mica? Mylar? ???

Thanks alot for your help...

Pete Demoreuille

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