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> I had one more question about synch gaps, but I accidentally deleted the 
> original post. I think it was John who explained to me how the synch gap 
> works, but you also said the phasing was trail and error. My question: 
> what exactly is the phasing - is it the phase angle (of the 60Hz signal) 
> that the gap fires at? If so does that mean that you adjust it by 
> rotating the rotor about the motor shaft until the contacts are firing 
> at the right spot? Surely there must be some part of the synch gap that 
> takes into account you res. freq. - everything you have told me so far 
> deals with 60Hz.
> Still slightly unsure,


Yes, your understanding is correct about rotating the motor to make 
gaps fire at the correct point along the 60Hz AC sine wave.  Just 
adjust the phase for best spark output.

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking about the resonant
frequency.  I suppose you mean the RF tank and secondary 
resonant frequency, for example 250 kHz?   The sync-gap is not
affected by the RF resonant frequency...a particular sync-gap can
be used at any RF frequency without modification.  The gap does
not synchronize to the RF frequency...it can't either.

John Freau