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> After reading the posts concerning rotary gaps on neon trans, and sync/non
> sync setups,  I am wondering why this doesn't apply pole transformers, and
> all AC systems?
> (leading to...)...How does one determine optimum BPS on a rotary spark gap?
> Robert Del Bueno


The same high voltage conditions that will make a neon expire will have
no impact on a distribution transformer (affectionately known as a pole
pig). The main reason is that pole pigs are built to take large
overvoltage conditions - from electrical switching transients to
lightning. The typical 14.4KV pig is designed to shake off >125 KV
transients - no neon on earth will take even a third that without
whimpering to a quick death!

Optimum BPS is a subject of much conjecture, but there's little doubt
that breakrates in the 300 - 500 per second range make for very nice
performance without excessively "beating" (and heating) the tank caps.
Given a robust enough tank cap, coupled with a "stiff" enough power
source which can quickly recharge the tank cap, significantly higher
breakrates are achievable. However, there's not very much empirical
evidence that there's any great benefit at running at these higher
rates. The amount of power delivered to the "load" (i.e. streamers)
tends to increase in a linear fashion as you increase break rates, all
other things being the same. Also, looking at some of the dynamics of
streamer formation and reignition on successive "bangs", there's some
theoretical reason to suspect that significantly higher break rates
(>1500 BPS) MIGHT be benificial in increasing streamer length IF you
could keep your tank cap and rotary intact.  

Safe coilin' to you!

-- Bert H --