my first coil completed

From: 	corr[SMTP:corr-at-fullnet-dot-net]
Sent: 	Friday, August 08, 1997 3:14 PM
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Subject: 	my first coil completed

I am happy to say that my first coil has been completed!  Here are the specs :

RF Chokes (x2) -- 2 inch PVC 8, 8 inches long, AWG #24
Primary - helical, 15 turns AWG #12
Secondary - 1000 turns, AWG #24
input - 9kv, 30ma neon (magnetek)
capacitors - 9 SW caps-yeah, I know, :(
spark gap - single gap :(
Ground - 8 feet of copper rodding

So far I am only getting alot of corona around the toroid, and no sparks.
the toroid, the wire sparks 3-6 inches.  I am able to draw 6 inch sparks
with a grounded source nearby.  After I make a better spark gap, and some better
caps, what is the maximum output I can expect to get out of this coil?