RE- Toroids...& "Thomas"

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Subject: 	Re:  RE- Toroids...& "Thomas"

"Homework assignment:  If a commercial torous
                costs $250 and it gives 20-years of enjoyment,
                what is its cost per year?  What if it costs
                $500 and gives 35 years of service?  Point made,
                I do believe.  (Now put away that duct tape,
                super-glue, rivet-gun, aluminum foil, bailer
                twine, wire coat-hanger, shaving creme, pepper
                spray, cooking pot, epoxy glue, hair clippings,
                frog's blood, and bat's wing -- ok, now, comb your
                hair and come up here with the adults)."
	You miss the point!  Making it is at least half the fun, and
those commercial toroids tend to be pretty heavy compared to one made
with ducting and aluminum tape.  I agree with your computation and
way of looking at it, if the toroid were merely an investment.