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Richard Wayne Wall wrote:

> Only a handfull of the most ardent Teslaphiles give credence to Nikola
> Tesla's theories on longitudnal electrical transmission and his view of
> the ether.  However, as we "rediscover" Nikola Tesla's work and
> discoveries we often are amazed how accurate and prophetic he truely
> was in his inventions and theories.  So it seems prudent not to reject,
> out of hand, as impossible some of his more "controversial" ideas and
> theories.  Rather a free and open mind to test and experiment to either
> prove or disprove Tesla's theories and ideas, seems the best course of
> action.  Immediate rejection without scientific basis proves nothing.

The issue of the ether, at least, had been put to rest long ago by the
famous Michelson-Morley experiment, first performed in 1887 and in every
2nd year college physics lab since then.  Therefore, theories of electrical
propagation based on the existence of an ether have nothing in the way 
of scientific basis, and rest on rather shaky ground at best.