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>I have seen quite a few of Tesla Coils topped with a metal toroid.
>Where is everyone finding these?
>Are most home brew?
>What would an alternate "Top Cap. Hat" be? (Copper toilet float)?
>I have been lurking on this list and have enjoyed the info.
>By the way, This is my first "post" ever!
Jay, for a good source of cheap toroids, go to your local home 
improvement store and check out the stovepiping. Get four right angle 
elbows (90degrees) and put them all together to make a toroid. I have 
seen these available from 3" diam. peices up to 8" diameter peices. It 
cost me about $7 for a 5" toroid and about $12 for a 8" toroid (measured 
23" across). These toroids and perfect toroids but as far as I can tell 
they work fine for smaller & medium size coils. There is also flexible 
aluminum ducting that you can get for about the same cost, and you can 
get it whatever length you need it.

My $.02
Mad Coiler

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